we are your Oracle team.

Welcome to the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions for your business, IT infrastructure, and development needs. as an Oracle partner we can help you accelerate innovation and successfully transition to the cloud. From business planning and implementation to connectivity and data center services, We provide the support and services you need so you can maximize the value of Oracle Cloud solutions for your business.

OUR Oracle


iMpact SA has partnered with iMbasa IT, this entails delivering and providing clients with timely, reliable and cost-effective solutions that are tailored for their business needs.

To also work with clients in developing their businesses taking into account the industry within which they operate, the life stage of their business and the specific needs or problems that they may be facing.


With more than 25 years of collective experience in Oracle application development, iMpact SA endeavor to have a deeper understanding of deferent businesses and their IT challenges.